European Championship 2013

On our way home, empty handed… That is sport: you win some, you lose some…

The match against Slovenia was really good from both teams. Slovenia won the first set because they started really strongly. In the second and third set our team dominated. Unfortunatly we could not win the fourth set, so had to play the fifth one. Till the end we fought, but the match went to Slovenia. They won the bronze and I am happy for them, they deserved it but I am sad for us. Although the sadness of losing the match against Slovenia, I also believe that this is a good thing for our sport.
When I look at the result in the womens competition, you can see that there are a lot of developments going on. Russia beating Ukraine after lots of hard work for many years, is so great. To be the best you have to work hard and fight for it, that is what this EC shows, and that every team has opportunities to achieve.
We as a team have a tough task, we must find more players and let our team grow again. But I feel confident that we can do that and then step by step fight back, not only to play for medals, but also to win them once again!

I would like to thank VolleySLIDE for their initiative by letting players write their blogs. It was cool to follow the players and I hope this will happen again at the next tournament!

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