Why athletes deserve a voice in the Paralympic Movement’s decisions

Why athletes deserve a voice in the Paralympic Movement’s decision’s

To improve the quality of the Paralympic Movement, we need all kinds of perspectives: the federation, the coach, the scientist, the medical personnel, the media and the fans.
But most importantly, that of the athlete. The athlete’s voice in any sporting movement must be strong and consistent. While not all sports face the same issues or challenges, the athlete’s voice must be a collective one in order to push recommendations in the face of decision makers.

Without the IPC Athletes’ Council – which has a balance of regions, genders and sports –each International Federation (IF) would be working in silos.
For us on the Council, it is really important that other athletes come to us with the issues they are facing. If we know the challenges they are facing in their sports, then we can really try to make a difference. If athletes remain silent about these challenges, then nothing will ever change.
Read the whole article in The Paralympian 01|2014, page 38!

WANT TO RAISE YOUR VOICE AS AN ATHLETE? Send your questions or concerns to athletescouncil@paralympic.org

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